Spacious and well-thought-out, our five bedroom house and land packages deliver you the ultimate in comfort and style. Built to the highest standards, using quality materials and incorporating your individual preferences, our 5-bedroom packages are available in locations all over Perth.Escape the cycle of renting and learn how to get started even with no deposit saved and enjoy relaxing in your very own home sooner.

Our Five Bedroom Home Designs

Offering single-level, flexible floor plans, our five-bedroom home designs offer exceptional functionality and intelligent design elements. 

Best suited to larger blocks with a frontage of 15 metres or more, our 5-bedroom designs provide unmatched space and privacy for larger families through clever layouts. 

Maximising all available space and incorporating plenty of flexible living areas, you can also enjoy a double garage, luxurious master suite, open plan kitchen and dining areas, a butler’s pantry, large outdoor alfresco spaces and more. 

Not entirely happy with all aspects of your chosen design? Simply chat with our in-house design team who will happily customise it as needed for a truly perfect outcome.

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Why Work With Us?

At Stop Renting Perth, we are dedicated to helping our clients escape a life of renting and become proud homeowners.

Focused on dispelling myths and removing barriers so often tied to buying a home, we provide you with a proven roadmap forward and strategies for success.

Having been renters and experienced the challenges tied to trying to save a deposit while also juggling rising living costs and high rents, we are committed to helping you create change. 

Our solutions are on offer regardless of whether you have a deposit saved or not, and even to those in tricky financial situations.


Our new house and land packages in Perth are available in:

North of Perth

House and land packages North of Perth offer a unique opportunity for homebuyers to purchase a brand new residence in a rapidly developing region known for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant communities.

South of Perth

South of Perth house and land packages provide attractive options for those seeking to live in a serene area, known for its scenic coastlines and a harmonious blend of urban and natural living.

West of Perth

West of Perth house and land packages are highly sought after for their proximity to the stunning Indian Ocean coastline and the blend of modern living with breathtaking natural scenery.

East of Perth

East of Perth house and land packages offer a unique blend of suburban comfort and rural tranquility, appealing to those who seek a peaceful lifestyle close to the picturesque hills and vineyards of the region.


What is the average price for a 5-bedroom house and land package?

Pricing for our 5-bedroom home packages starts from $500,000. However, this is a guide only as each package is tailored to your needs. 

Factors influencing the final price include your chosen build location and land size, any upgrades you opt for and whether you require customisations.  

To ensure you can secure all your wants and needs within the package and the available budget, our team will work closely with you from start to finish.

Which suburbs are available to build in?

Sourcing land through private sellers, developers and other industry connections, we make it possible to build in suburbs across Perth. 

Rather than being confined to building in a set development zone, our approach could see you building your new home within your existing suburb or your dream location.

How much of a deposit is required?

At Stop Renting Perth, we assess a variety of factors to determine whether you qualify for one of our house and land packages, this may mean a deposit is not required to get started on your new build. 

For this reason, regardless of whether you have a small deposit saved or no deposit saved, we would love to hear from you.

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