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How To Start The Rent To Own Homes Process 

How To Start The Rent To Own Homes Process

Buying a dream home in the present economic crisis is impossible for an average-earning person in Perth unless you choose to rent to own homes. If you live on rent, saving money to pay the down payment, mortgage, and buy a house is difficult. Most people live throughout their life in rental homes, and when they are old and do not have a job or money to pay the rent, they are thrown out and have to spend the rest of their lives on roads.

Nobody wants to live a life like that. People think contacting a real estate agent will be helpful, but in reality, the real estate market is hot and will not cool down anytime soon. Contact us, and we will guide you on how to buy a house easily. We have a certified team, experienced, educated, and expert in finding the right home according to your desire and need. 

The Process Of Rent To Own Homes 

Buying a home in Perth through rent-to-own comes with two agreements, either the tenant has to buy the house when the lease ends, or there is an option but not compulsory to buy the house when the lease ends. Both agreements are good in their ways. For example, if you have locked the price at the start, then after five years, you will pay the same amount that was locked previously even if the prices have risen, but you have to pay some down payment as a security that you will buy the house when the time comes.

On the other hand, in the optional agreement, you can or cannot buy the house but have to pay the current cost of the house, so choose wisely. Following is the procedure through which you can Rent to own homes:

Step1: Finding a property 

The first thing in going for rent to own a home is finding the right property. Many things can go wrong while searching and selecting a place because the availability of rent to buy homes is already quite limited, and finding the right seller is also difficult. 

You need to have an experienced person or a company by your side. Stop Renting Perth will help you in finding the right place. We will also help you negotiate with the seller because your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Step2: Detailed Research 

After finding a pleasant home, the work continues. You have to dig deeper to ensure it is worth the investment. Start the process by doing a pest inspection, and see if the doors, sinks, floor, roof, and other things are in good condition. 

Sometimes the seller does temporary repairs to make the home look like a new one, but when you start living, there are a lot of faults. To avoid these situations, hire us, and our experts will give a thorough look at the home. 

Steap3: Research 

If you are doing things on your own, the most important thing is to do a background check of the seller because by signing the rent-to-own agreement, you are tying your future with that person. We will do a complete review of the seller and ensure that you do not experience any problems in the future. 

Step4: Seek Legal Advice

Seeking legal and financial advice is important, so you do not end up in debt. We ensure you get home without getting into debt or other trouble. 

Step5: Rental Payments 

After signing the agreement, you should not miss any payment because this can get you in trouble, as missing payments can lead you to the street. 

Step6: home loan 

If you are self-dealing, then chances are that you have to take a home loan for the home payment when the lease ends, but if you are working with us, then we will make sure that you do not have to take a loan that can lead you to debt. 


Stop renting today, and we will help you find the right house. It is high time you start investing your money in the right place. All you have to do is to link up with us, and we can help you with the rest of the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
What is the concept of rent-to-own?

The concept of rent-to-own homes is a legal contract or agreement that allows the tenant to purchase a home after renting it for a few years. Although the rent is a little bit more than the fair market value, the extra amount serves as the deposit money for the payment of the house.

What are the three advantages of rent-to-own?

There are many advantages of renting to own homes because you invest your money in the right place, and eventually, it pays you off very well. You can move in quicker and have faster-growing equity. It lets you have full control of the home and eliminate additional taxes. 

Is rent-to-own a good decision?

Trying to buy homes is a great idea for those with low credit scores because, in this way, you get the time to work towards improving your score before applying for a mortgage. It is best for those who do not qualify for a mortgage. 

See If You Qualify

We’re here to help, so let’s get started! it’s time to stop renting and start taking steps towards home ownership.