Are you tired of rental increases, housing instability and frequent moves? Ready to see what can be done NOW so you can finally stop renting and start owning?

If so, you’re in the right place and we’re so glad you stopped by. At Stop Renting Perth, we offer genuine, trusted support to renters seeking to own their own homes.

The first step is to see how much you qualify for in terms of a Home + Land package. Let’s get calculating so you can finally live your dream of owning a home.

What Do You Qualify For?

Owning a home can be much easier than you think. But many people simply don’t know the correct steps to take or get lost in the details. 

This often drags out the process and keeps deserving people from entering the property market. 

To help you on your way, we have done all the hard work for you and present you with the information you need in an easy-to-understand format. 

First things first, we help you determine which Home + Land package you qualify for. 

Once we’ve found the right Home + Land package for your circumstances, all you need to do is follow our step-by-step roadmap.

This roadmap has been carefully put together to include all the essential information and advice you need to be in your dream home sooner. Saving you valuable time, stress and hassle, we coach you every step of the way and keep an open line of communication from start to finish. 

As part of this dedicated approach to service, we also offer access to skilled finance experts. 

Even if you have a complicated financial history, no deposit and minimal savings, with our support it is possible to find a solution. 

Our goal is to help you learn how to stop renting and buy a home, no matter your circumstances. You can own a home now with our help, it is possible!


Brandon & Saori Testimonial

Land Options

We have a great relationship with land developers all over Perth including private land sellers. 

This allows us to have access to exclusive land in sought-after locations, ensuring you have plenty of choice of where to buy and build. 

We work hard to find you a block of land that fits your budget in the area you want to be in. 

Too often people think that building means moving to a distant suburb, however, in our experience the opposite is true. We have secured land for many clients in the exact same suburb they were renting in.

Let’s look at all your land options and get you on track with your home ownership journey.

See Land Options

Designs – Our Popular Designs

With over 50 different designs to choose from, you can be sure we’ve got you covered. 

We understand that flexibility in design matters and that you may like to modify some aspects of your floor plan. To facilitate this, our dedicated in-house design team works with you to implement custom changes and requirements that suit your lifestyle and budget. 

This is just another way we guarantee that together we will create the perfect plan so you can stop paying rent and buy a house that ticks all the boxes.

Our Clients – What they are saying about us

Cannot thank Scott and the team enough, after clicking a Facebook ad, just to see what we needed to do to get our first house, we soon found out it was so much easier. I highly

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James Dugan

Rhoger! What a hoot he has been to deal with, funny caring person and he went above and beyond to help us. After pretty much losing everything and selling up in 2016 we never

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Belinda Davis

Cannot thank Chris enough for all his hard work! Being a FIFO worker and having no phone on site made it hard to keep in contact during office hours, so having him answer my texts and

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Tulouega Faamasili

The team here at Stop Renting Perth helped me get into my very own first home! Without the support and help from Shawn and his team I would not have thought I would be able to

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Leigh Sigglekow

We recently booked an appointment after seeing the page advertised on Facebook, we met up with Blair, and wow! I cannot recommend him enough. He explained everything in

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Jennifer Gregg

Built my first home with the help of Rhoger Barbosa from Stop Renting Perth. I cannot fault anything through the whole process. From the first day we spoke to Rhoger right up to the

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Braedon Quinn

I was kinda unsure of I wanted to build a new house or not but dealing with Shawn was easy. The entire process was painless and even though I probably wasn't the best customer to

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Isaac Spencer

I cannot recommend Stop Renting Perth enough for what they did for my partner and me with regards to building our first home. Shawn and his team were very understanding and

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Chantelle Hudson

We would like to say thank you to Ryley for everything you have done for us and help us own our home! We didn’t think we would be able to own our own home with 4 young children

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Samantha Gibbons

Frequently Asked Question

What If I Have No Savings Or Deposit?

We know how hard it is to save when you’re stuck paying rent. We have helped many renters with no savings or deposit to enter the property market. 

Our experts look beyond these factors and review other qualifying information to determine if this is the right step for you.

How Do I Organise Finance?

We offer qualified financial advice as part of our services and can help you to arrange finance as needed. 

Should you wish to manage this step independently, we can work with you to achieve this and will continue to offer dedicated support in other areas.

How Quickly Can I Be In My New Home?

Many factors determine how quickly your new home will be ready, not all of these are within our control. 

However, we work diligently to ensure that your home is ready as quickly as possible and keep you up to date with all timelines during this process.

Will I Have A Choice Of Where To Live?

Absolutely! We have access to land in a variety of locations including sought-after suburbs. Many of our clients have been able to build in the same suburb that they used to rent in. 

You will be given a variety of available options to choose from within your qualifying House + Land Package or we will seek one out as needed.

I’ve Never Built Before, How Involved Is This Process?

If you’re put off by the building process and the juggle of managing council approvals, trades, connection of services or similar, you’re not alone! 

It can be a big undertaking to build a new home, however, we handle every part of this process for you. You get to leave the details to us, we update you as we go and then hand over the keys once it’s done. Simple!

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Free Information Sessions

At Stop Renting Perth, customer care is important to us. We understand the need for respectful, helpful communication that gives you confidence in our services. As former renters too, we are passionate about showing you a clear pathway to homeownership through our strategic, solution-based approach. 

We have spent a lot of time researching the building industry and working out the pitfalls to avoid. We’ve pinpointed quick and easy ways to get on track with home ownership paired with expert advice. Rather than gate keep this information, we freely share it, giving renters real solutions that can help them immediately escape the renting cycle. 

During our no-obligation, free information sessions, our experts will discuss your specific situation in detail. This allows them to tailor their advice to your needs and provide the most accurate information before you start your home ownership journey. In these personalised consultations, we show you how to achieve home ownership quicker without ever compromising on value. There are no hidden conditions or catches, just credible, proven solutions. Honest and upfront, we walk you through the exact process we’ve used to take thousands of clients from renter to homeowner so you can make a fully informed decision. 

If you are serious about home ownership and want to know how to stop paying rent, we’ve got the tools to help you get there.

See If You Qualify

Leon & Sarah Testimonial

Helping You Out Of the Rent Trap and Into Your Own Home!

Dreaming of owning your own home but you are unsure where to start and it all seems a bit overwhelming? At Stop Renting Perth, we help everyday people out of renting and into their own homes. The possibilities are endless and your dream of becoming a homeowner could become a reality quicker than you thought possible.

We are here to provide the very best advice when it comes to becoming a proud homeowner and all matters relating to home finance. Our trusted experts guide you through the entire process. From qualifying for your own home to getting finance approved and finally having a home you are proud of, we’re there for the entire journey. 

We are your one-stop shop for building your own home and finally being able to stop paying rent. 

Once we determine that you qualify for a home of your own, we provide a free information session. During this session, we discuss your finance options, the land available in the areas you are interested in and design choices that will fit your budget. 

You are then provided with a complementary information pack and given time to consider if this is something you want to proceed with. There is no obligation to go ahead and should you wish to meet again or ask additional questions, we are happy to help. 

If you don’t qualify upon making your initial enquiry, we are still invested in helping you towards homeownership. Dedicated and committed, we will work with you to create a plan that you can work towards. We want you to become a homeowner and are here for the long haul. 

Trustworthy Advice You Can Count On!

We understand that finance is often the hardest and biggest barrier when it comes to entering the property market. 

Complex and confusing, the lack of understanding of how finance works can often leave people with a sense of uncertainty or unwillingness to investigate their options. 

At Stop Renting Perth, we want to eliminate this barrier. We provide trustworthy, practical advice and information regarding the various available financing options. 

We know that everyone’s circumstances and needs are different and work with you to find the ideal solution that you are confident in. 

Take the fuss and hassle out of building your dream home and take charge of your future free from the stress and instability of renting. With our help you can take the leap to finally stop renting and buy a house you can be proud of. 

Offering detailed information and transparency at every step, we have exclusive land options available to you from Two Rocks to Dawesville. Our priority is to get you into your own home and to ensure that you get the best value possible. 

Why Choose Us in Perth?

We know what it’s like to pay dead money in rent, this is why we want to help you escape the rent trap and finally start owning a home of your own. 

Stop Renting Perth has over 30 years of experience in the industry and manages all our builds through one of the biggest companies in Perth.

Offering unmatched quality, we cannot be beaten on inclusions for price ensuring you get the very best outcomes. Prioritising customer service, you are guaranteed to receive the care and attention that you deserve from start to finish. 

We are a popular choice for several reasons, including:

  • Our team of experts will provide you with professional and honest feedback to help you with all your financial options.
  • We have helped many people over 30 years to get into a home of their own. Our Stop Renting Perth reviews and testimonials speak of our service and commitment.
  • Whether you qualify today or not, we will still help to create a plan that will work towards you achieving your goal of becoming a homeowner.

We are here to help you every step of the way! Why not contact us today and stop renting for good!