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Jess and Dan

Look at this kid, he is TOO cute!!! He is probably so excited about getting a brand-new bedroom all to himself .

Jess and Dan are originally from New Zealand and have relocated to Perth and made this their home.

Like a lot of our clients, they were certain they could not do anything to own a home, but we were able to find them a solution.

With our help and guidance, they were able to start the process and increase their savings in the meantime. They now own a spacious, customised 4×2 home with a theatre for their family of five .

Their repayments will be the same as what they were paying in rent, and they are less than 2km from where they were renting.

If that does not make you want to high-five somebody, we don’t know what will .

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We’re here to help, so let’s get started! it’s time to stop renting and start taking steps towards home ownership.