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What Are Some Myths About Building a Home That Keeps Renters from Owning Their Own Home?

What Are Some Myths About Building a Home That Keeps Renters from Owning Their Own Home?

Building a home is a dream for many people who to escape the rent trap and finally own a home in Perth. Due to the recent pandemic, we have seen so many people return to Perth to build homes. No doubt Perth is a very sought-after city to live in but also considering the very affordable cost of living.

There are of course those who are hesitant about building and often believe the stereotype that the building industry is out to rip people off. We are not surprised by these stereotypes and myths and have seen our fair share of it, but we started Stop Renting Perth to be different and to render a service that would make clients feel safe and confident to take the right steps towards owning their home.

Not only are we in the business of helping people stop renting but we are here to challenge the status quo of the sleezy-salesman only in it for a sale. Our motivation and goal is not to sell you a home, it’s to help you stop renting for good. We don’t want you to just make it, we want you to be successful and be in a good position to build your asset.

Here are some common misconceptions or myths, if you will, that we want to debunk…

Common Myths about Homebuilders that Keep People from Owning a Home

We have seen a significant shift in the property market over the past few years, especially in Perth, where there were grants up for grabs for a limited time which caused significant shifts in the favour of people wanting to own a home. The historic low interest rates have also positively contributed to the affordability of owning homes, in fact it’s currently cheaper to own a home than it is to rent. It is predicted that the residential housing market is set to rise for the next 15 years. This is good news for you if you are a homeowner and not the best news if you are still renting.

 Here’s what we find renters think about building a home

Exclusive to the elite who have a large deposit: We meet so many clients who think that building a home is reserved for the elites. This is far from the truth! There are plenty of low deposit options to help renters and there is always a way forward. Too often people give up just because they think they can’t afford it or have been told no by other builders. Our strategy is to help renters become homeowners no matter the deposit size. If you don’t qualify yet, we put steps in place to help you get there. We have seen great success with clients we’ve worked closely with in the long haul. They stuck to the plan we set for them, and they are all now homeowners. Determination goes a long way and if you are serious about owning a home, we are serious to help you escape the rent trap for good.

Hidden costs and lengthy process:

Too often people have had a bad experience with one dishonest company, and it ruins it for the rest of us. We don’t blame you! We were renters too and know all too well the pitfalls to avoid. We have made it our priority to lay out the details upfront, so you are fully aware of what is involved with building a home. Our clients can attest to this and confirm that our process is clear and no hidden costs or nasty surprises halfway through the build journey. We have maintained our home build times and most of our clients have a 12 month wait from the first time they meet us to them getting their keys. We are extremely proud of this time frame and have seen so many clients receive keys to their homes in record time.

Easier to buy establish than to build: You may move in a few weeks later after settlement on an establish home but it does not compare to building a brand-new home. The advantage of building is that you have full structural warranty, no fixer-ups required, no maintenance issues and often your new home is built in a very new and modern estate which allows you to take advantage of all the perks that comes with living in a new estate community.

Time is running out and you have spent too much money on rent when it could have been towards your new home. It’s time for you to contact us for your no-obligation info session.

See If You Qualify

We’re here to help, so let’s get started! it’s time to stop renting and start taking steps towards home ownership.