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Looking to Stop Renting and Start Owning? Why Renters Can’t Achieve Home Ownership No Matter How Hard They Try?

What is the number 1 reason why renters cannot seem to stop renting and finally start owning a home no matter how hard they try? Simple, they do not have an expert helping them every step of the way. Every lender is different and not every lender suits every person. Owning a home is not just about how much deposit you currently have but it is also determined by lifestyle expenditure. Zip Pay, AfterPay and similar accounts can stop renters from getting a home loan which in turn prevents them from home ownership. How you spend your money determines how soon you can achieve home ownership.

We, at Stop Renting Perth are the experts in the industry and we recommend people looking to go from rent to having their own home in Perth the necessary steps that need to line up first before applying to the bank. Understanding the process needs to be considered to help you get your foot in the door. It is not as simple as applying for a loan or putting an offer. When renters get declined, they get discouraged and it is not their fault, it is simply because they have not used the right process with an industry expert in the first place. When you align yourself with an expert or a coach, the process can be much simpler. We have helped a lot of people who were sick of renting qualify for a home of their own.

Building your own home means everything is tailored to suit lifestyle.  You have the ultimate decision as to what you want the final look to be. The home is yours and you have control over all major decisions.

Owning a new home is easier to maintain, and you can be confident that you will not have to spend time or money fixing it when you move in. Also, newer homes are more energy efficient, which will result in being more cost effective when it comes to paying bills.

Owning your first home becomes the first step in property investment in the long run if you choose to go down that pathway and start building your portfolio. If you are sick of renting, the current house prices are turning higher helped with lower interest rates, this really is the best time to start owning a home in Perth. You would have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Ready to go from rent to having your own home in Perth? Just get in touch with us to start building your dream home.

See If You Qualify

We’re here to help, so let’s get started! it’s time to stop renting and start taking steps towards home ownership.

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